Tuesday, August 30, 2011

After the Hurricane: Environmental Art

Yesterday when I took a walk along my usual trail, I was curious to see how high the creek had risen after 24 hours of rain.....well it had stopped for at least 20 hours by that time. To my surprise, the site had been altered with wonderful "environmental art" or sculpture made from the earth. The hurricane, which had followed an earthquake four days earlier, were beyond our control, but turning nature's rocky debris into art was a good response to the power of nature. Someone (children or adults?) had piled towers of stones on top of the large boulders. The new shapes were quite interesting and artful sculptures. So I had to return home and get my iPhone. In the distance, colors came out vibrantly and beautifully, changing as the sun and water picked up various hues through the trees.

When I went back today all the towers were gone, but a few tumbled stones remained on the large rocks. There had been a little rain last night, but not much wind. I'm so glad to have captured that artistic moment of time in photos. And to the unknown artist who created these deliberate changes to the environment, your efforts are beautiful and well appreciated. Although so much art does not last in time, it is the thought, the act and the creative process which make it worthwhile.

While looking at one of the towers closely, I was reminded of a bird and thought of Brancusi's birds set on pedestals.


  1. After The Hrricane, First picture on the top of page

    The shape and form of the stones, with particular regard to the triangular figure on the bottom mid-right, reminds me of an ancient village in China. I believe this is a folk artist.

    Rose D

  2. Something Andy Goldsworthy would appreciate.

  3. Just saw this and even though it's from last fall, I can see where Mother Nature is often the artist. Rising and falling water causes stones to settle and stack and creates imaginary castles until the tide washes back in. This is a beautiful photograph and I especially enjoy the way the shadows fell.

  4. So you think nature did that????????? Wow! I saw it at 9-10 a.m
    the day after and I thought someone had done it for fun. It looked so deliberate. The stacking was amazing. But if Mother Nature can do that, what an artist!


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